Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

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A high quality K type thermocouple sensor probe with a versatile and flexible cable, look no further than this brand new 3.3 feet (1 meter) version.

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This is a great, small and reliable thermocouple wire with a K-Type sensor. The sensor is housed at the tip of a  long wire probe, which has a plastic coating. This teflon based insulation is easier to clean than fiber glass insulation. It has a miniature type connector that will work with digital K-type thermometers. This probe can used to measure air or gas temperatures, it can be attached to pipes or embedded into objects you want to measure.


  • Type: K type
  • Resistance between terminals: 7.6Ω
  • Cable length: 3.3 foot / 1 meter
  • Thread: 5.85mm (0.2″)
  • Sensing tip length: 7.5mm (0.3″)
  • Threaded nut material: steel
  • Temperature measurement range: 0 – 600℃
  • Brand new and unused
  • Indexing number: K-type
  • Model: K-02
  • Core diameter: 0.4MM × 2
  • Insulation material: Glass fiber inside the outer stainless steel braided metal shield
  • Core Material: Nickel – chromium alloy
  • Color-coded: red for the positive / blue is negative.
  • Patch hole: diameter 4mm, Material are copper, silver, good thermal conductivity, can accurately measure the surface temperature

Additional Information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 150 cm


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